Navigation and Orienteering for the Beginner

The magnetic compass and topographic map. Travel compass and map symbols adventures.
Ages 12+

Headed out into the woods? Whether this is you first time or your 100th, this completely outdoor, hands-on class with Matt Bradley from Whole Earth Nature School is a must. Receive training that will give you the confidence to use maps, compasses and other forms of navigation easily and effectively and in any situation while out in the wilderness. Bring a sack lunch.

Location: Dorris Ranch Barn
  Dates Days Time Price Class # Registration
  Dates Days Time Price Class # Registration
Calendar: + Calendar Dates: 4/8 Days: Sa Time: 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Price: $29 IDIn-district / $35 ODOut-of-district Class #: 13483 Online Registration: Register