Open Climbs

Open Climb

Open Climb provides a time for climbers to sharpen their skills. If you’re new, the climbing staff is available to teach belay lessons and offer tips.  Hours are subject to change.
No climbing 1/15-16; 2/19-20; 3/2-5, 10-12, 24; 4/16, 28; 5/28, 29.

Wednesday:  See Community Climb Time
Fridays: 5-8pm
Sundays: 1-5pm Effective Nov. 5-March 30

Youth (17 & under): $4 in-district, $5 out-of-district
Adults (18+): $6 in-district, $7 out-of-district
Gear fee $2 for ages 18+. Gear is free for youth 17 and under and Bob Keefer Center members.

Community Climb Time

It can be hard to get started climbing if you don’t have a skilled partner. We provide experienced partners during this special program to help you get the boost you need.

Wednesdays, 6-9 p.m. No new admittance after 8pm 9/6-10/30.

Youth (17 & under): $5
Adults (18+): $7

Women’s Climb Nights

While everyone is welcome to climb, on Friday nights women who bring in a paying friend climb for FREE.

Fridays: 5-8pm

Youth (17 & under): $4 in-district, $5 out-of-district
Adults (18+): $6 in-district, $7 out-of-district

Bob Keefer Center Membership

Bob Keefer Center membership includes everything from open climbing hours on the 33-foot tall EntrePrises free-form climbing wall, drop-in basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball and skating — plus a complete fitness center. Save 10 percent when you sign up for auto renewal. Members save 20 percent on select fitness and climbing classes. $20/person/month – Learn More