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Bob Keefer Center (including Two50 youth center) and Splash! at Lively Park will be closed on Sunday, 4/21 for holiday.

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Be Like Bart!

Homer Simpson takes a relaxing ride aboard a wrecking ball in THE SIMPSONS MOVIE. Photo credit: Matt Groening

With Springfield SummerFair coming July 10-11, you’re probably wondering how to get in “The Simpsons” spirit. We suggest you look the part. Yes, we’re looking for contestants in a “Simpsons” costume contest!

Think yellow skin, big eyes and a look that oozes character. Contestants will vie for a prize package that includes VIP seating and their choice of “Simpsons” jumbo cut-outs to take home. Categories are 18 and under, and ages 19+. The fun gets going at 8:15 p.m. July 11. Sign up at the information booth.

Wondering how to pull it off? Don’t worry, there’s an Internet full of ideas at your fingertips.

Homer: Round, bald and less than bright.
Marge: The trick is to pull off that beehive hairdo.
Bart: Red shirt and a bad attitude.
Lisa: Give this girl some props.
Maggie: More than just a pacifier.

Fans of Homer Simpson can rejoice for yet another reason: The donut-eating contest, set for 8:30 p.m.

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