Photography Basics

Joshua Rainey takes photo of model in open field

Joshua Rainey with camera under oak treeAges 13+. Learn to use your camera in a way that lets you control all settings to get better pictures. Professional photographer Joshua Rainey will teach basic photography techniques with an emphasis on how to use the photography gear you already own. This course will include basic technique, photographic rules, composition, camera settings, and one-on-one time to help you improve your skills as a photographer. We’ll be meeting at various Willamalane parks, so feel free to bring your families along to play while we learn photography. No childcare provided.

Session 1 Locations:

  • Sept. 20: Tomseth House at Dorris Ranch
  • Sept. 27: Clearwater Park at Middle Fork Trailhead
  • Oct. 4: Ruff Park at the foot bridge

Session 2 Locations:

  • Dec. 1: Dorris Ranch Barn
  • Dec. 8: Lively Park Pavilions
  • Dec. 15: Island Park North Shelter

Gear list:

  • DSLR camera or equivalent, must have aperture priority and manual settings
  • Memory card
  • Tripod


Joshua Rainey’s Top 3 Quick Tips to Becoming a Better Photographer

  1. Hold your camera correctly.  I often see photographers (even some professionals) holding their cameras completely wrong and it drives me crazy!  Hold the grip side with your right hand so your index finger rests on the shutter button and make sure your left hand is under the lens, not over.  If you put your left hand under the lens it helps support the camera and avoids camera shake, which can make photos blurry.  This is a very easy thing to learn from the beginning, so do it right and never look back!
  2. Try new things.  Put your camera on a tripod, use a long shutter speed, use large apertures, use small apertures, photograph something at night, photograph something in bright sunlight.  Seriously, it doesn’t matter what you do, just mix it up and get out of your comfort zone, you might even learn something new doing this.
  3. Carry your camera with you.  Especially as you’re starting out.  Take your camera everywhere, photograph boring things, try to make something simple look amazing.  The more time you have with your camera in hand, the easier photography will be for you.

These are all very simple quick tips that anybody out there can do to improve their photography!  If you want to actually learn how to control your camera and make the decisions yourself, then come take my class and you’ll leave knowing exactly how to make the decisions for your camera, helping you create better photos for a lifetime.  The class focuses on teaching you the basics of exposure and gives you enough knowledge to be able to setup exposure settings in manual using ISO, shutter speed and aperture.  Each plays a vital role to creating a great photograph and if you can make the decisions instead of letting your camera do it for you, your photos will vastly improve!  I teach you on the gear you already own so that you can practice on it and become a better photographer without having to purchase more gear.

Location: TBD
  Dates Days Time Price Class # Registration
  Dates Days Time Price Class # Registration
Calendar: + Calendar Dates: 9/20-10/4 Days: Th Time: 5:30PM-7PM Price: $75.00 IDIn-district / $90.00 ODOut-of-district Class #: 19578 Online Registration: Register
Calendar: + Calendar Dates: 12/1-12/15 Days: Sa Time: 10AM-11:30AM Price: $75.00 IDIn-district / $90.00 ODOut-of-district Class #: 19579 Online Registration: Register