Classes on Demand

Six pairs of henna decorated female hands arranged in a circle on a colorful background.

See a class that looks interesting but doesn’t fit into your schedule? Would you and your friends like to take a class together as a private event? Would you like to bring your own food and wine to make it a night out? We can make it happen!

With Classes on Demand, you select a date and an activity, we do all the rest. All supplies are included in the price of the two-hour program — starting at just $29 per person.

Classy and Creative

$29 per person. Bring your own food and wine and make it a night out!

woman with summer creative make up like fairy butterfly closeup bright colored background, spring coming concept fairy faces

Festival Fairy Faces

• Makeup classes: Contouring, Festival Fairy Faces, Monsters and Zombies or Basic Makeup

• Beading: Earrings or Necklaces

• Home Décor: Chalkboards or Bee-autiful Backyard Décor

• Henna Design

From the Woodshop

Birdfeeder and grasshopper$29 per person (plus $10 materials fee)
Sorry, no wine in the woodshop.

• Sweet Secret Box

• Artisan Picture Frame

• Bird-Topia Feeder

• Tech Lounger or Caddy

• Custom Cutting Board

• Personalized Wooden Spatula

• Wild Whirly Toy

• Grasshopper Pull Toy

Book your event! Call 541-736-4519

A minimum of six people per class is required. Groups of 12 or more may be eligible for additional discounts. Class dates are subject to availability.