Board of Directors

Meet the Board

The board is composed of five lay members elected by the registered voters of the district to serve volunteer, staggered four-year terms. Each member represents the district at large rather than serving separate precincts. You can contact the board by sending an e-mail to E-mail sent to an elected official becomes a public record.

Anne Ballew's Staff Photo
Anne Ballew

Term ends June 30, 2019

Denise Bean's Staff Photo
Denise Bean

Terms ends June 30, 2017

Greg James's Staff Photo
Greg James

Term ends June 30, 2019

Janis Ross's Staff Photo
Janis Ross

Term ends June 30, 2017

Lee Beyer's Staff Photo
Lee Beyer

Term ends June 30, 2017




Meeting Agenda

Regular Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at Bob Keefer Center for Sports and Recreation. The agenda is posted a few days in advance of each meeting.

2017-03-08 Board Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes


Audit Reports