Fit in the Family

WHAT BEGAN AT SCHOOL SWIMMING LESSONS nearly five decades ago has blossomed into a lifetime of fitness, fun and family ties at Willamalane Park Swim Center.

Sisters Terri Bowden and Lindy Lindbloom swim every Tuesday and Thursday, along with their 83-year-old mother, Ila Bye, and friend Sherry Kleman, 62. Often Loretta Macauley, Kleman’s
89-year-old mother, joins them as well.

“Sometimes we go to the deep pool with life jackets, and sometimes we’re in the shallow pool,” said Bowden, 62. “It’s a really fun way to exercise easily without hurting your bones and

Swimming together has grown into more than a workout: It’s also a great way to stay social. “We meet a lot of other mothers and daughters and make friends with people who are here,” Bowden said. “Then we get in the hot tub and relax, and sometimes after that we go to lunch. It’s just a really fun experience where we get some good exercise and have a blast with everybody.”

Bowden and Lindbloom started swimming at Willamalane Park Swim Center when they were kids as part of their elementary education. Decades later, the pool offers a welcome routine for the group.

“This has brought us closer together,” Bowden said. “We have laughs together. We know when we can be together, and we look forward to it.”