Five Steps to Prepare for a 5K

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With Summer Solstice Dash & Bash just over the horizon, Team Willamalane is lacing up and stretching out for a good run. Want to join in the fun? Here is some advice for mentally and physically gearing up:

  1. “If you haven’t run a 5K before, try downloading an app,” says Josh Brandl, adult fitness supervisor at Willamalane. Josh has seen people up their 5K game using free programs and apps like My First 5K or Couch to 5K.
  2. Know that it’s normal to not run a whole 5K at once when you first start. Do it in intervals of running and walking. Your first few attempts might be mostly walking, but as you push yourself, your time will get faster and faster!
  3. Pace yourself with mental checkpoints. Jana Clark, special events coordinator at Willamalane, says that she and other runners at Summer Solstice Dash & Bash do well when they train themselves with physical goals. “I’ll run until I reach the next group of mailboxes, for example,” Jana said. “Then I’ll give myself a break while I look for my next goal.”
  4. Check out local running or sports stores. Often, they’ll host free or inexpensive programs or runs that you can try. Josh recommends the weekly Pub Run 5Ks that are held each Wednesday at 6 p.m. at The Abbey in downtown Springfield.
  5. Bring a friend to make it fun. Kim Lyddane, special events supervisor at Willamalane, says she enjoys training and running 5Ks with friends. “Friends who invited me to run with them kept me on track as we prepared leading up to the event,” Kim said. “Also, if there is a chance to run in costume, I’m typically there.”

Ready to grab a friend and head to Summer Solstice Dash & Bash? We’re giving away two free registrations! Simply go to our Facebook event and tag your friends in the contest thread to enter.