Giving Gifts? Give Rec!

willamalane giving tree with ornaments and gift tags

At Willamalane, we think that the magic of the holidays comes in the act of sharing — sharing time, sharing memories, and even sharing your favorite cookie recipes. That’s why our gift guide is made of things to share:

  1. Share an experience.Willamalane Gift Card is a ticket to any and all Willamalane programs! With a gift card, you may be giving a crafting lesson, an outdoor adventure, or even a romp in the waves at Splash! at Lively Park.  Make this gift sweeter with the promise that whatever your loved one decides to do, you’ll join in.
  2. Share your love of the outdoors. sponsored filbert tree at Dorris Ranch is a great gift that grows! By donating to Fight the Blight in a friend’s name, you’ll fund a healthy young tree that will grow and produce savory filberts for years to come. This makes a great gift whether your friend loves history, picnicking in the park, or even a hot cup of hazelnut coffee.
  3. Share with the community. Willamalane Giving Trees make it easy! Pick up a gift tag from one of three Willamalane facilities, shop for items on the tag, and return your gifts to a facility on or before Dec. 21.  You can participate at Bob Keefer Center, Willamalane Adult Activity Center and Willamalane Park Swim Center.

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