Find Treasure at Dorris Ranch

CRW 7809

This November, we’ve prepared a special activity for visitors to Dorris Ranch: a series of 10 geocaches for you to track down!

Geocaching is a global treasure-hunting game where small containers of prizes are hidden in public places. Participants receive a set of clues and coordinates, then set off to find their prize.

How to participate:

  • Visit to learn more about this fun activity.
  • Prepare your Geocaching supplies. Most commonly, these include good shoes for walking around, a pen, and small treasures. Think poker chips, toy cars or coins.
  • Visit the kiosk at Dorris Ranch to pick up a Geocache passport. This will include coordinates and hints for all 10 caches in the park.
  • Set off in search of the Geocaches! Each will contain its own stamp and ink pad, which you can use to mark your passport.
  • Bring your completed passport to Willamalane Center to redeem it for a limited-time-only GeoCoin! These are badges of honor for Geocachers who have completed certain Geocaching series or attended events.

Happy hunting!