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Instructor Highlight: Cindy O’Brien

Instructor Cindy O'Brien leads an Active Exercise class.

Cindy O’Brien knows that it’s not easy to receive an Osteoporosis diagnosis. When she received her diagnosis, it changed her life, and she decided to become her own success story.portrait of instructor Cindy O'Brien

“I got into teaching fitness to adults 50 and older because I found out that I had osteoporosis. I don’t have it any longer,” she said. “Within one year, I went from osteoporosis to osteopenia.”

O’Brien is clear that she only introduces techniques in her classes that are science-based and proven effective.

“My whole mission to bring the latest, effective, safe exercises to the classes and help students modify based on their hurt and problem areas in their bodies,” O’Brien said. “The goal is to get them stronger, but safely. I tell them that you want to be a good sore, but you don’t want to cause your body more pain.”

Fitness is just one piece of the puzzle, O’Brien said. “We learn what is preventable and what you don’t have control over,” she said. “We learn what strengthens your bones from a physical fitness, nutrition and lifestyle aspect, and what depletes your bones. We cover exercises, everyday body mechanics that can either help or harm you, your lifestyle and your diet — what will build your bones and what will easily deplete your bones. We try to cover the whole gamut.”

O’Brien’s classes have already helped adults in our community. One of her students, Kim B., said her bone density has increased by 17 percent since she started attending.

“Everything we do has a purpose,” O’Brien said. “In these classes and workshops, I’m teaching people how to effectively and safely help their bodies.”

In addition to this Osteoporosis workshop, Cindy O’Brien offers Exercises for Back Health and Improve Your Balance workshops. Cindy also teaches group exercise classes such as Active ExerciseBetter Bones and Balance, Strong Bones, Strong Body and  Zumba Gold.


Cindy O’Brien’s Fall 2018 Workshops:

Improve Your Balance with Cindy O’Brien
Ages 18+. Join us for this one-hour workshop on how balance works, why it is so important and ways to improve yours. Better balance can help you live longer and stronger.
Adult Activity Center
9/22       Sa           9–10am                $19 ID/$25 OD

Exercises for Back Health
Ages 18+. Join us for this one-hour workshop on reducing or avoiding back pain through exercise. Learn to take care of your back through core strength and movement.
Adult Activity Center
10/20                        Sa              9–10am                            $19 ID/$25 OD

Osteoporosis Prevention: Strength Training
Ages 18+. Enjoy this one-hour workshop on strength training to avoid or reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis. Explore exercises together and apply the knowledge in the fitness center with Cindy’s supervision and assistance so you can learn do it on your own. Register in advance: space is limited.
Bob Keefer Center
11/6       Tu           8–9:30am            $19 ID/$25 OD   19280

Osteoporosis Prevention 2
Ages 18+. Cover new information and expand on topics from past osteoporosis workshops. Cindy O’Brien reversed her osteoporosis diagnosis within two years through education, exercise and nutrition. She’ll present new research and ways to help yourself. Get your general questions answered.
Adult Activity Center
12/1                            Sa              9am–12pm                      $29 ID/$35 OD                  19269


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