Let Us Bring Learning to You

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We’re making it more convenient for you to cultivate a passion for learning outside the classroom! Whether you are homeschooling, leading a club or looking to give your class hands-on opportunities, we have two exciting ways to pique your group’s interest this fall.

Traveling Trunk Show: as a National Historic Place, Dorris Ranch has a staff with expert knowledge of Oregon’s early days. But rather than shuttling a group of kids to the park, why not let us come to you? Our costumed living history interpreters can transport the excitement of learning to your group, wherever you are. We offer three two-hour Traveling Trunk Shows:

  • One-room Schoolhouse
  • Flora and Fauna of the Willamette Valley
  • Kalapuya, the First People

Learn more and choose your experience!

Group Certifications and Badges: Searching for a new adventure? Let us help you earn your certification or badge. Programs at Dorris Ranch cover topics including the environment, culture and architecture. Email Jen Marsh at jenm@willamalane.org for information. All ages.

Give us a call for more information:
Willamalane Center: 250 S. 32nd St., 541-736-4544
Dorris Ranch: 205 Dorris St., 541-736-4544