Living History Village: How You Can Help

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We have some sad news from the Dorris Ranch Living History Village. On Monday, March 26, we discovered that two of our cabins were broken into and many of our interpretive materials were taken. The thieves took almost everything. Our butter churn to our dutch ovens, antique tools to china, firewood to furs. They even took all of the bonnets, aprons and vests students use when they come to the Living History Village.

The authorities have been notified and reports have been filed. We posted to Facebook, and were met with resounding support. Many wanted to know how to help. Here’s what you can do:


Funds will help restore lost items, enhance security measures and protect the Living History learning opportunity in historic Dorris Ranch for years to come. Donate today.

If you have sewing skills or antique goods you would like to offer to help replace our missing items, please get in touch with our Dorris Ranch program manager. 

If you’ve enjoyed visiting the Living History Village in the past, or have another positive experience at Dorris Ranch you’d like to share, please contact our media team.

From time to time, we have volunteer opportunities arise in our Living History village — including a potential sewing party to replace garments. To learn about upcoming opportunities, email our volunteer coordinator.