For Little Athletes, Try My First Sports

My First Sports offers young children an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of sports. But it’s more than just sports for little ones: The classes also provide a unique opportunity for kids and their parents.

“When I was a little kid, I was able to play T-ball with my dad,” says Spenser Lind, recreation coordinator at Willamalane. “It’s one of my fondest memories growing up. I’m glad we’re able to give similar memories to these kids and their parents.”

Working through athletic challenges with parents can cement relationships, Lind says.

“There’s nothing like bonding over sports,” Lind says. “It’s a great time for both kids and their parents.”

Which First Sport is the best fit for your kid?


Ages 3-5. Does your child love to run and kick balls? Get involved in their introduction to soccer! This program will focus on skills including kicking, dribbling, trapping, throwing, running and agility. Classes run in September.


Ages 3-5. Backyard T-ball is a blast! Get your child started early! Join your child in learning T-ball skills such as throwing, catching, batting, running, and agility. Classes run in October.


Ages 3-5. Teach your child experience how fun basketball can be! In this class, parents help their kids learn a variety of basketball skills, including dribbling, passing, shooting, running and agility. Classes run in November.


Ages 3-5. Show your child the world of track and field! In this class, parents help their kids learn the basics of a variety of track and field events including sprints, jumps and throws. Classes run in December.


Ages 4-6. This is the perfect introductory class to help you learn the art of climbing. You will build confidence, balance and strength on both the bouldering and climbing walls. Parent participation is required to help kids on and off the wall and encourage the climbers to summit. Classes run in September-October and November-December.


Ages 18 months-3 years. Stretch your imagination and your body! Help your child improve body control, motor skills and creativity through stretching, dancing and games. Classes run in September-October and November-December.

6/30-8/18, Saturday mornings.