Volunteer Park

Newer neighborhood park featuring a full basketball court, play equipment and a wetland with native grasses and summer wildflowers.

Playground at Volunteer Park

Park Area Map

Wild Wetlands & Volunteer Park

When Willamalane’s Volunteer Park was dedicated in the spring of 2005, neighbors found a place where they could play basketball, wander along a pathway, and sit on a bench while the kids tumbled on the playground and ran through the grass.

In addition to the traditional features of a developed park, Volunteer Park sports a more unusual element. A half-acre at the park’s northern edge is home to the native grasses, sedges, rushes, and wildflowers of a Willamette Valley wetland.

The planted wetland is consistent with wetlands that were historically present in the Willamette Valley—it has standing water during the early part of the growing season but dries up by June or July. That’s when the show begins. Wildflowers and native grasses, such as the spike-rush, spring to life and put on their best displays. Several shades of green are evident throughout the wetland along with white, yellow, and blue wildflowers. This wet prairie is picture perfect with the tall grasses swaying prairie-fashion in the breeze, interspersed with sedges and wildflowers.

The wetland was designed by DLA, Inc., and planted by Grant’s Landscape Services.

Park Amenities

• 6 acres
• Wetlands area