Willamalane Birding Trail

Western Bluebird standing on a perch, Oregon, US

Our birding trail consists of 21 locations in Springfield where you can find and observe birds. Most of these sites are found in Willamalane parks.

In some locations, birds can be observed from a parking area. In others, you will want to go on a short walk to observe the local birds. Several locations have more extensive path systems or open spaces that you can explore. In many of these areas, you might see other wildlife. These are typically quiet places to simply walk and relax, also.

Navigating the Birding Trail section:

Habitat You Will Find In Each Park

Most birds have fairly specific habitat preferences including where they will raise their young and what kind of food they will eat. Explore this Web site to learn a little more about existing habitat at these 21 sites.

Download Habitat Information Sheet (39kb)

Birding Ethics

While observing birds or other wildlife, it is important to refrain from any harm to the wildlife, the environment or to good relationships with surrounding neighbors. Please download, read and follow the American Birding Association Code of Birding Ethics.

Download American Birding Association Code of Birding Ethics (PDF, 32kb)