Personal Growth for All Life’s Stages

What do you want to be when you grow up? Willamalane’s Personal Growth classes will help you explore your next steps.

Create a Designer Life

Ages 50+. Instructor Trish Mackey is a counselor and spiritual adviser who has been actively supporting the Meet and Greet program. She has recently expanded her services at the Adult Activity Center with a broad offering of personal growth programs.


Life is Funny That Way

Ages 50+. Nathan Schulman, licensed acupuncturist and certified life coach, has been in practice for over 25 years. He’s traveled the world, studying and playing with people in all cultures. He seeks to share these insights and help create community connection. Schulman makes great use of humor in his classes and wants nothing more than to make you smile.

Find Your Purpose

Ages 18+. Lynzie Kronheim, life coach, holistic healer and artist, has joined our instructing team at Willamalane, offering classes in art and self-discovery. Her passion lies with honoring self-expression and setting intentions to help you find your purpose.


Embracing Aging

Women ages 55. Emily Rice is a retired public service worker and workshop facilitator who finds joy in the sharing that happens when people talk about aging with a  positive outlook. Rice, who started teaching after she attended her first Conscious Aging class as a student, sees her role as a “guide on the side” rather than a “sage on the stage.”