Closures, Maintenance and Construction

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Bob Keefer Center (including Two50 youth center) and Splash! at Lively Park will be closed on Sunday, 4/21 for holiday.

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Current Planning Projects

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+ Kelly Field

Project includes removal and replacement of the artificial turf surfacing at Kelly Field. The field will included striping for soccer and football, as well as tic marks for youth soccer cone layout.

Bidding for the project closed on 4/11/18 and the only bidder was Coast to Coast Turf. The contracted amount will be $433,327 and the overall total project cost is anticipated to be $453,827. Contract award is pending Board approval at the 5/9/18 meeting.

Project is being funded primarily through the Sports Reserve Fund and partially with bond dollars.

+ Island Park

Design is underway early May 2018 to provide a new restroom at the same location as the existing restroom, replace sanitary sewer line, paving around the restroom, and remove at least 2 of the large cedar trees next to the building. Trees removed to allow delivery of new building, and to open up the building to view from the playground area. Lighting also possibly added along the main pathway through the park.

Construction start anticipated late August/early September 2018. Completion by end of October 2018.

Funded with Bond dollars.

+ ADA Improvement

The ADA committee decided to use dedicated ADA funds to replace broken sidewalks around Willamalane Park on G and I Streets, and Mohawk Blvd. This will be up to 11 sections of the worst condition sidewalk. Also, we will build a new pedestrian ramp from Mohawk to the Swim Center parking lot.

The project is out to bid early May. Construction planned for four weeks from mid-June 2018.

Funded with B&C dollars dedicated for ADA improvements.

+ Thurston Hills Trails

The trail system is 70% complete. The North Access Trail was completed and graveled fall 2017. The spine trail was constructed fall 2017, but needs to be compacted and graded this spring, anticipated completion June 2018. The downhill mountain bike trail has been cleared of vegetation by volunteers from the Disciples of Dirt. The trail contractor will begin working on this trail in early May with completion expected in June 2018.

In addition to these three trails, we have also initiated construction on connector trails to remove the road alignment from the system. Both of these trails are in various states of construction, but with anticipated completion coming in summer 2018. We anticipate another phase of design work starting on the west side of the property to identify potential trail alignments in the summer of 2018. If everything goes according to plans we might begin construction as early as spring 2019.

Funded with B&C funds, SDC funds and Bond Funds.

+ Thurston Hills Fuels Managment

Phase one of the hazardous fuel management work has been completed. This work involved creating a vegetation-less buffer on either side of the main access road on the west side of the Thurston Hills Natural Area. This buffer removed brushy and woody vegetation while retaining mature (fire-resistant/adapted) oaks. The buffer bisects the western portion of the natural area and will provide an area of defensible space with minimal fuels. In addition to the direct fuel management, the access road was improved to support emergency vehicle access and create multiple locations where they could turn around on the road.

In addition to this work on the ground, we have been working with the watershed council to educate neighbors and residents on what they can do to reduce their risk of wildfire on their property.

Funded by a $95,000 BLM grant.