Smaller Waves Make a Splash!

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Sometimes, less is more.

That’s the case with the new, gentler wave patterns on special Family Fun Nights at Splash! at Lively Park.

“We know that the regular wave pool  — while a riot of fun for most — can intimidate young kids, especially when the waves are as big as they are,” says Christine Crutcher, program manager at Splash!

“We designed Mellow Mondays and Wacky Wednesdays for families with young kids, as a gentler introduction to the wave pool,” Crutcher says.

On these evenings, patterns cycle between waves of normal height and waves that are much  lower. That way, older kids still get their kicks in, and younger siblings get a chance to try out new skills in the wave pool, too.

What’s more, admission on Mellow Mondays and Wacky Wednesdays is only $3.75 per person in-district — a savings of 25 percent off regular rates!

“These nights are friendly for everyone in the family,” says Crutcher. “Come on down!”