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Willamalane Park Foundation

The Willamalane Park Foundation, previously known as Friends of Willamalane, is a nonprofit advocacy organization formed in 1983 that supports the activities and facilities of Willamalane Park and Recreation District. The group works separately but in partnership with Willamalane. It is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The Willamalane Park Foundation improves the quality of family life in Springfield by supporting district facilities and programs that:

• Provide exceptional recreational activities and meaningful learning experiences
• Help reduce crime
• Help beautify our neighborhoods and improve property values

The Willamalane Park Foundation works by raising private funds, developing resources and partnerships, and offering advocacy support to enhance Willamalane’s ability to provide exceptional park and recreation services to all district residents.


Willamalane Park Foundation is currently working on:

• Fight the Blight

Foundation projects have previously included:

• Assisting with acquiring and developing Lively Park
• Funding Willamalane skate park
• Purchasing Briggs property next to Dorris Ranch
• Improving and beautifying Meadow Park
• Providing scholarships for recreation programs


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