Tame the Wigglies with Tumbling

Girl tumbling on green field

Does your child spend hours jumping off furniture, running laps around the kitchen, climbing the highest tree in the yard, or jumping from the swings at the park? If so, you may want to consider tumbling.

Tumbling, a discipline of the sport of gymnastics, provides a fun and safe activity that gets kids physically active. Not only does the sport provide a solid fitness foundation, it also offers benefits from socialization skills to life skills to basics that can enhance performance in every other sport.

At a tumbling class, kids have the opportunity to run, jump, climb and tumble in a safe and healthy environment under the guidance of qualified instructors. And, gymnastics and tumbling students can start young. While kids can’t play most organized sports until they’re in kindergarten or later, they can start tumbling shortly after they learn to walk.

Willamalane offers tumbling classes for kids of all ages and skill levels: