The Japanese Art of Notan

Black and white stars, giraffe

Used as a term to describe a “dark-light” element of design, the art of Japanese Notan is an illustration of the interaction of positive and negative space — how one cannot exist without the other. Like the yin-yang symbol, it represents a balance of black and white. The principle can be found in historical graphic design from cultures around the world, from the Americas to Asia.

The design element develops composition within art, creating balance and identifying paths of light.

With simple supplies, you can apply the concepts of Notan in a one-day workshop offered this fall at Willamalane Adult Activity Center. The Japanese Art of Notan is offered on Thursday, Oct. 27, from 10 a.m. to noon, and all supplies are included.

No experience is necessary! Watch as your own design — crafted of nothing more than paper, scissors and glue — blossoms in a collage that is yours to take home and show off.

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