Inclusion and Accessibility

Willamalane Park and Recreation District actively promotes inclusive practices in order to meet the needs of the patrons, families and staff in our programs. Everyone is welcome to attend Willamalane programs and facilities regardless of ability, background, culture, religion, gender or economic circumstances. Through inclusive practice, we aim to reflect our wider community and promote positive attitudes to the similarities and differences in each other. In adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act, we strive to offer reasonable accommodations to enable people with disabilities to become fully included in our programs and facilities.

Accommodations Request

Accommodations Procedures

Please complete an accommodation request form available for download above or at Bob Keefer Center. Return the form to the inclusion supervisor by email:, or mail to 250 S. 32nd St., Springfield, OR 97478.

The accommodations request form must be received at least two weeks prior to the date needed.

The inclusion supervisor will conduct an initial assessment by contacting the guardians of the patron or the patron themselves prior to the beginning of the program/facility use. The supervisor will then create an accommodation plan for the program/facility staff. Willamalane reserves the right to deny a request if: modifications are not supported by the data in the assessment or documentation; the patron does not meet the essential eligibility criteria; or the request does not fall under the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

All participants must be able to conduct services of a personal nature (feeding, dressing, toileting) independently. Staff are not required to help participants perform services of a personal nature. If a patron requires personal care, a caregiver may attend with the patron.

Anyone supporting a participant with accommodations and support needs can receive free entrance to the program or facility. Individuals who support patrons in our programs must pass the Willamalane volunteer screening process, which includes two background checks.

Some disabilities can impact an individual’s ability to interact with others, to control emotions or to participate in social situations appropriately. If an individual with a disclosed disability engages in aggressive behaviors, the support staff will try various accommodations and supports to ensure behavior does not become a safety threat. In the event that a program situation is unsafe for staff and participants, or the participant with a disability, Willamalane reserves the right to remove that participant from the program and may also choose to bar the participant from other programs until documentation is available to prove the behavior is no longer a safety threat. Safety threats include running away; being physically aggressive towards staff, others and self; and gross inappropriate behavior that can neither be mitigated nor controlled. In some cases the inclusion supervisor can make the decision to immediately suspend a participant if gross inappropriate behavior occurs.  Please refer to the inclusion manual for additional information on unsafe behaviors.

Willamalane Park and Recreation District staff can administer medication. We require participants to fill out a separate medication administration form. Patrons with diabetes who require monitoring and administration of insulin should fill out an accommodations request.

Patrons may also request the following services through our accommodations request form:

• Large print copies of Willamalane publications are available with three days’ notice.

• Audiotape of sections of program or services materials are available within three days’ advance notice. Patrons may also ask that materials be read to them.

• Sign language interpretation is available with three days’ advance notice.

• Any other accommodations needed to participate in our programs or facilities.

Download the inclusion manual

Download the inclusion parent agreement

Please contact Willamalane ADA coordinator Tracy Kribs at 541-736-4828 or for information on accommodations, or use the form below: