Summer camp kids play with a parachute.

Summer Day Camp Registration is Open!

With a full range of camps offering everything from high-energy sports to wilderness exploration, Willamalane has your summer covered.
  • Camps for ages 3-13
  • Extended hours
  • Field trips and swimming
  • Action and adventure!

Camp Policies

Download the 2019 Day Camp Handbook (pdf)

Download the 2019 Kampin’ Koalas Handbook (pdf)

Download the 2019 Camp Venture Handbook (pdf)

Refund Policy

To receive a refund or credit for withdrawing from a camp, make your request at Bob Keefer Center front desk or call 541-736-4544.

  • Requests received more than 14 calendar days prior to the start of camp will receive a 100% refund or credit.
  • Requests received between 5-14 calendar days prior to the start of camp will receive a 50% refund or credit.
  • No refunds or credits will be granted within 5 days of the start of camp.

Summer Day Camps

 Willamalane Summer Day Camps


Please note that there is a $35 one-time registration fee for summer day camps.



Ages 3-5. A fun weekly camp for preschoolers! Each week will focus on an age-appropriate theme where campers will dive into crafts, active play, social/emotional development and problem-solving skills. Please bring a water bottle and lunch. Morning and afternoon snacks provided.

Bob Keefer Center, 7am-6pm
M–F: $187 ID/$224 OD per week
Week of July 4: $149 ID/$180 OD
Choose your days: $45 per day ID/$52 per day OD

Friends and Fun: Join us as we get to know each other! We’ll discuss friendships and enjoy fun group activities. (Week 1, 6/17-21)

Take Flight:  From airplanes to kites, we’ll discover all that we can about things that fly! (Week 2, 6/24-28)

Red, White, and Blue: We’ll explore the colors of the stars and stripes from our flag. No camp 7/4. (Week 3, 7/1-5)

Snow, Ice, and Penguins: We’ll dive into the frigid arctic waters to explore all the polar things! (Week 4, 7/8-12)

Wild West: Grab your boots, and get ready for a stompin’ good time as we head west! (Week 5, 7/15-19)

All Aboard: From trains to pirate ships, we’ll explore all the things that we can climb aboard! (Week 6, 7/22-26)

Trail Blazers: All things nature! We’ll explore our open space here at the center to discover and construct things from nature. (Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

Splish, Splash: Plan to get wet as we splish-splash our way through the week learning all about water! (Week 8, 8/5-9)

On the Farm: From planting to animals, this week will be filled with all the things we can find down on the farm. (Week 9, 8/12-23)

Oopy Goopy: Dress to get messy! This week, we’ll dive into oopy, goopy, messy fun. (Week 10, 8/19-23)

Register for Kampin' Koalas

Download the 2019 Kampin' Koalas Handbook (pdf)

Mobile users: It may be difficult to register for Kampin' Koalas based on your mobile browser. If you are experiencing difficulties, please try registering on a desktop computer.



Entering grades 1-2. A unique experience for kids who have just completed kindergarten or first grade. Age-appropriate projects and crafts along with active games and plenty of opportunity to move. Field trips, special guests and weekly swim trips to Splash! at Lively Park provide new experiences and promote independence. No camp 7/4.

Drop off: 7–9am; Pick up: 4–6pm
Camp activities: 9am–4pm
M–F: $154 ID/$184 OD per week
Week of July 4: $123 ID/$147 OD.

Super-duper Heroes: Learn superhero skills with the Hulk smash, Spiderman web sling and Wonder Woman obstacle course. Make crime-fighting gadgets and accessories. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 1, 6/17-21. Guy Lee, Week 6, 7/22-26)

The Imaginarium: Let your imagination soar and explore new things during a week of creation and discovery. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 2,  6/24-28. Guy Lee, Week 8, 8/5-9)

Happy Birthday, USA: Patriotic crafts and games to celebrate America’s birthday. Explorers visit Splash! at Lively Park once a week all summer. No camp 7/4. (Bob Keefer Center and Guy Lee, Week 3, 7/1-5.)

Hop on the Magic School Bus: Join Ms. Frizzle and the rest of the gang to explore weather, rocks, magnets, camouflage and deep-sea exploration. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 4, 7/8-12. Guy Lee, Week 9, 8/12-16)

Icky, Sticky, Ooey, Gooey: A wacky week of the icky and the sticky! Come dressed to get messy as we make gak, goop, glop, and gump. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 5, 7/15-19. Guy Lee, Week 10, 8/19-23.

Journey to Outer Space (Not a Field Trip!): Blast off into space as we explore the solar system, planets, stars and galaxies. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 6, 7/22-26. Guy Lee, Week 1, 9/17-21)

A Bug's Life: Experience the world through the eyes of a bug. Learn about these amazing mini-beasts through observation, crafts and games. (Bob Keefer Center and Guy Lee Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

The Questioneers: Based on the book “Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters” by Andrea Beaty. Put on your construction hat as we design, build and create. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 8, 8/5-9. Guy Lee, Week 5, 7/15-19)

Fantastic Funky Foods: It’s time to get crazy with your favorite foods! Learn to make some easy snacks and play games. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 9, 8/12-16. Guy Lee, Week 2, 6/24-28)

Dig Those Dinosaurs: The world of dinosaurs comes to life through fossil hunts, digs and games to explore the lives of these amazing creatures. (Bob Keefer Center, Week 10, 8/19-23. Guy Lee, Week 4, 7/8-12)

Register for Explorers Camp: Bob Keefer Center

Register for Explorers Camp: Guy Lee Elementary 



Entering grades 2-6. Have a BLAST at KABOOM! Active games, crafts, experiments and projects follow a weekly theme. Also included are field trips, special guests and swimming. Led by caring, experienced staff, campers will use their imagination, grow new friendships, and discover new talents and interests. No camp 7/4.

Drop off: 7–9am; Pick up: 4–6pm
Camp activities: 9am–4pm
M–F: $154 ID/$184 OD per week
Week of July 4: $123 ID/$147 OD

Make It or Break It: Whether you like to build or destroy, this week offers plenty of opportunities for both. Design and build using a variety of different materials. (Thurston, Week 1, 6/17-21. Two Rivers, Week 4, 7/8-12)

CIA: Camp Intelligence Agency: Learn spy skills, evade capture and save the world. Build super spy gadgets, decode messages and solve puzzles to gain top-secret status. (Thurston, Week 2, 6/24-28. Two Rivers, Week 6, 7/22-26)

Red, White and You: Celebrate our country and its traditions through patriotic games and crafts. (Thurston and Two Rivers, Week 4, 7/1-5)

The Care of Unicorns and Other Magical Creatures: Explore a world of unicorns, dragons and other magical creatures through stories, crafts and games. (Thurston, Week 4, 7/8-12. Two Rivers, Week 8, 8/5-9)

Art Studio: Observe the works of the masters, and then try your hand at creating projects in their styles. (Thurston, Week 5, 7/15-19. Two Rivers, Week 9, 8/12-16)

Would You Rather: Loosely based on the Disney TV show “Cooper and Cami Ask the World,” this week is presented as a series of choices. Would you rather…? (Thurston, Week 6, 7/22-26; Two Rivers, Week 10, 8/19-23)

Game On: Get on board to play new games and old favorites, including some that are life-size! (Thurston and Two Rivers, Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

Storybook Summer: Join some of your favorite book characters for a week of adventures. (Thurston, Week 8, 8/5-9. Two Rivers, Week 2, 6/24-28)

Ready Player Fun: Level Up! All your favorite video games and characters, from Creepers to Zubat, off-screen and unplugged. (Thurston, Week 9, 8/12-16. Two Rivers, Week 1, 6/17-21)

The Imagination of Roald Dahl: Splendiferous art projects, giaganticus games and other scrumdiddlyumptious activities based on the stories of Roald Dahl. (Thurston, Week 10, 8/19-23. Two Rivers, Week 5, 7/15-19)

Register for Camp Kaboom: Thurston

Register for Camp Kaboom: Two Rivers/Dos Rios



Entering grades 2-6. This camp is perfect for kids who love the outdoors. Hike, sing, laugh and get dirty in nature’s backyard. Field trips, special guests, swimming and trips to local parks round out the days.

Springfield Depot, 101 S A St, Springfield, OR 97477, 7am-6pm
Drop off: 7–9am; Pick up: 4–6pm
Camp activities: 9am–4pm
M–F: $154 ID/$184 OD per week
Week of July 4: $123 ID/$147 OD

Nature Unleashed: Nature can unleash immense power with fires, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Learn the causes and results of these phenomena. (Week 1, 6/17-21)

Enchanted Forest: Welcome fairies, wizards, gnomes, and unicorns to a gathering of mythical creatures. It’s magic in the making! (Week 2, 6/24-28)

Red, White and You: Celebrate our country and its traditions with patriotic games and crafts. No camp on 7/4. (Week 3, 7/1-5)

Camp Survivor: Tribal alliances are formed and teams compete in mental and physical challenges. Will your team survive Friday’s tribal council? (Week 4, 7/8-12)

That Oregon Life: Discover the Seven Natural Wonders of Oregon, and other things that make our state unique. (Week 5, 7/15-19)

It’s Easy Being Green: Discover how sustainable practices exist all around you. Create with recycled materials as we learn to protect our Earth. (Week 6, 7/22-26)

Disguises & Surprises: In nature, a good disguise or a big surprise can be a lifesaver. Learn about playing dead or rolling into a ball from the true masters. (Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

A Brush with Nature: Investigate nature’s colors, textures and patterns while using different mediums to create awe-inspiring works of art. (Week 8, 8/5-9)

Nature Is Tree-mendous: Enjoy a week of bark, branches, twigs and stumps as we learn about a tree’s ecosystem. (Week 9, 8/12-16)

Ocean Odyssey: Dive in to learn about the amazing creatures that lurk beneath the water’s surface. (Week 10, 8/19-23)

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Entering grades 2-6. Kicking, throwing, bouncing, catching — this introduction to basic fundamentals features a variety of sports, from soccer and basketball to disc golf and indoor climbing. In this low pressure environment, the emphasis is on building confidence, practicing good sportsmanship and having FUN! This camp is perfect for active kids — it’s like having gym class all day long! All experience levels welcome.

Bob Keefer Center
Drop off: 7–9am; Pick up: 4–6pm
Camp activities: 9am–4pm
M–F: $154 ID/$184 OD per week
Week of July 4: $123 ID/$147 OD per week

Opening Whistle: Summer fun starts on the whistle! Get ready to run, jump, throw and kick! (Week 1, 6/17-21)

Get Your Play On: Games and activities to challenge agility, strength and speed. (Week 2, 6/24-28)

All-American Games: Celebrate the Fourth of July with all-American sports and games. No camp 7/4. (Week 3, 7/1-5)

Wizarding World of Sports: Traditional games and sports with a wizarding twist. (Week 4, 7/8-12)

Water Wipe Out: Everything is more fun with water, and games are no different. (Week 5, 7/15-19)

Sportitude: Games with attitude! Mix your favorite sports to create a completely new experience. (Week 6, 7/22-26)

Get in the Game: You’re up next for a week of active fun. (Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

Splashtacular: Nothing beats water games on a hot summer day! Cool off as water is added to traditional sports and games. (Week 8, 8/5-9)

Heart of a Champion: Practice hard and challenge yourself to improve your skills this week, from free throws to balancing a Frisbee on your nose. (Week 9, 8/12-16)

Finish Line: The summer is coming to an end, but there’s still time for one last round, game or match! (Week 10, 8/19-23)

Register for Sports of All Sorts



Entering grades 6–8. Get ready for a summer filled with adventure around every corner. We’ll swim, hike and adventure all over Western Oregon. Each week includes time for art, crafts, community service and even video games. Field trips subject to change.

Two50 youth center at Bob Keefer Center
Drop off: 8am; Activities: 8:30am–4:30pm; Pick up: 5pm
(Additional care available until 6pm)
M–F: $169 ID/$202 OD per week
Week of July 4: $139 ID/$166 OD
Financial assistance available. Scholarship applications due May 10 by 5pm.

Summer Kickoff: Kick off summer with hiking at Spencer Butte, swimming at Fall Creek Reservoir, and a jet boat adventure on the Rogue River in Grants Pass. (Week 1, 6/17-21)

Defy the Ordinary: Break the mold and tap into creative style with a thrift store shopping spree followed by a fashion show, and flip over a trip to Defy, Eugene’s new extreme air park. (Week 2, 6/24-28)

Party in the USA: This fun week will be packed with adventure and fun, including a trip to Osborne Aquatic Center in Corvallis. No camp 7/4. (Week 3, 7/1-5)

High Flying Fun: This week features fun science experiments with flying, a Baker Bay play day and a trip to Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center in Wilsonville. (Week 4, 7/8-12)

Thrills and Chills: Enjoy two days at the Lane County Fair. First, take on all the thrills, rides and games. Then, volunteer at the senior ice cream social. (Week 5, 7/15-19)

River Rocking: Rock the stage in an epic lip-sync battle, soak up the sun at Cottage Grove Lake and go whitewater rafting on the McKenzie River. (Week 6, 7/22-26)

Sand, Sun, & Summer Fun: Tumble down the dunes and play in the lake at Honeyman State Park, try paddle boarding at Fern Ridge Reservoir, and take in
an outdoor adventure at Shotgun Creek. (Week 7, 7/29-8/2)

Full Speed Ahead: Experience nature by swimming, hiking and exploring, then put the pedal to the metal on a dune buggy ride near Florence. (Week 8, 8/5-9)

Action Hero Week: Train to be a hero in this action packed week. Swim hike and explore, then put your training to the test and lead your team to victory while playing Laser Tag at Putters. (Week 9, 8/12-16)

Last but Not Least: Take off with a midweek trip to Evergreen Wings and wind down with the final day of camp at our favorite swim area, Baker Bay. (Week 10, 8/19-23)

Register for Camp Venture

Download the 2019 Camp Venture Handbook (pdf)

Download the Camp Venture scholarship application (pdf)

Specialty Camps

Willamalane Summer Specialty Camps


Little House Camp

Ages 8-12. In this camp, we’ll live like Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family in the “Little House” books. We’ll explore crafts, chores, games and readings from each of the eight books in the series.

Living History Village at Dorris Ranch
MTuWTh, 9am-1pm
$115 ID/$132 OD

Register for Little House Camp


Summer Climbing Camp

Ages 5-12. In this four-day camp, staff will teach the skills of climbing in a fun and safe environment. Kids will receive instruction in both top rope climbing and bouldering.

Bob Keefer Center
MTuWTh, 9am-12pm
$99 ID/$119 OD 21686

MTuWTh, 9am-12pm
$99 ID/$119 OD 21692

Register for Summer Climbing Camp


Outdoor Adventure Camp

Grades 3-5. A week of high adventure in the outdoors. From the beaches of the coast to mountain waterfalls, each day brings a new adventure in a new location.

Tomseth House at Dorris Ranch
MTuWThF, 7:30am-5:30pm
$222 ID/$249 OD 21469

Register for Outdoor Adventure Camp


Wild Wednesdays

Grades 2-5. Get out of that midweek rut with our new Wild Wednesday program. Each week, we stretch our legs with a new outdoor adventure or activity. From mountain biking to canoeing, Wednesday will become the best day of the week!

Dorris Ranch
Wednesdays, 8am-5:30pm
$54 ID/$65 OD per day

7/10: Camping 101. Off to the woods we go! From equipment and cooking to stories and s’mores around a campfire, this day will cover all the camping basics, and we’re home before dark!

7/17: Lake Day Fun. Take a midweek break at Dorena Lake. Try a stand-up paddle board, cruise around in a kayak or relax on the shore.

7/24: Mountain Bikes. Learn skills and techniques to take your riding to the next level! Must be comfortable riding a bike. Limited space; mountain bike and helmet provided.

7/31: Canoe Canal Paddle. What better way to spend a Wednesday than cruising down Alton Baker canoe canal? This two-mile canal is the best place for beginners to learn skills in a non-intimidating environment.

8/7: Mountain Majesty. Oakridge will be our base camp for a day full of adventure. From the fish hatchery to mini golf to the cascading waterfalls, this Wednesday will not disappoint.

8/14: Day on the Farm. Learn how an organic farm operates, visit the resident animals, and pick your own fruit to bring back to the ranch to make a special treat.

8/21: River Tubing. A lazy float down the Coast Fork of the Willamette River is this Wednesday’s destination, including shore exploration and water play. Tubes, life jackets and trained staff provided.

Register for Wild Wednesdays


Willamalane Skills Camps

Entering Grades 1-5. These skills-based camps focus on fundamentals, athletic development, and sportsmanship. 

Basketball: Our basketball camp will provide instruction on dribbling, shooting, passing, and game experience.

Bob Keefer Center
7/15-19, MTuWThF
Half Day: 9am-12pm, $120 ID/$144 OD
Full Day: 9am-3pm, $160 ID/$192 OD

Soccer:  Our soccer camp will provide instruction on in-game skills through progressive
drills and workouts.

Les Schwab Sports Park
8/12-16, MTuWThF
Half Day: 9am-12pm, $120 ID/$144
Full Day: 9am-3pm, $160 ID/$192 OD

Multi-sports:  Our multi-sport camp introduces athletes to the basics of eight different sports.

Bob Keefer Center

7/8-12, MTuWThF
Half Day: 9am-12pm $120 ID/$144 OD
Full Day: 9am-3pm $160 ID/$192 OD

8/26-30, MTuWThF
Half Day: 9am-12pm $120 ID/$144 OD
Full Day: 9am-3pm $160 ID/$192 OD

Register for Willamalane Skills Camps

Challenger International Soccer Camp

Ages 3-14. The Challenger International Soccer Camp reflects the global nature soccer today and provides young players with a variety of coaching styles and influences. Register at

Les Schwab Sports Park
7/22-26, M-F
8-9am: Tiny Tykes, Ages 3-5, $95
9am-12pm: Half day, Ages 6-14, $165
9am-4pm, Full day, Ages 8-14, $210

Register for Challenger International Soccer Camp

Community Camps

Community Camps


Willamalane partners with Springfield Public Schools and other community organizations to connect kids with summer camps. These camps are managed by outside organizations.


Springfield Millers Volleyball Camp

Entering grades 1-5 and 6-9. Come join the Springfield High School players and coaches to learn, build and/or perfect the skills necessary to play and compete. Through drills and games, you will learn the essential elements of serving, serve reception, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, defense, and the overall game rules. Contact Coach Amanda Bottimore at

8/5-8/8. $50.

Register for Springfield Millers Volleyball Camp


Springfield Women’s Youth Soccer Skills Camp

Entering grades K-5.  Join the Springfield Women's Soccer Team and Coaching Staff for a fun time learning and  improving your individual soccer game.  Participants will focus on basic skills of ball control, passing, shooting, and field play. T-shirt included. Contact Coach Cliff Shutte at

8/14-8/16. $60 ID/$72 OD.

Register for Springfield Women’s Youth Soccer Skills Camp


Thurston Colts Girls Youth Soccer Camp

Entering grades 3-5 and 6-8. Have fun, while learning ball skills, player movement and small sided games.  Get help from experienced high school players who will be helping in groups and with individuals.  T-Shirt included. Contact Coach Benton Canaga at

8/5-8/8. $60.

Register for Thurston Colts Girls Youth Soccer Camp


Thurston Colts Girls High School Soccer Camp

Entering grades 9-12. Get prepared for tryouts by working on foot skills, ball movement, shooting, passing, ball control, conditioning, scrimmages and small sided games!  T-shirt included. Contact Coach Benton Canaga at

8/12-8/15. $70.

Register for Thurston Colts Girls High School Soccer Camp


Thurston Colts Incoming Freshman Volleyball Camp

Entering grade 9 at THS. Meet the coaches and experience what a typical week of practices feels like with Thurston Volleyball.  Daily sessions will focus on team based drills as well as individual techniques ending with game-like scenarios. This camp is an opportunity to help incoming players feel comfortable with the coaching staff and our program expectations and to learn volleyball techniques/systems prior to open gyms and tryouts. T-shirt included. Contact Coach Allix Baker at

6/24-6/27. $75.

Register for Thurston Colts Incoming Freshman Volleyball Camp


Thurston Colts Summer Youth Volleyball Camp

Entering grades 2-5 and 6-8. Your favorite THS Volleyball players will be helping out as counselors in this high energy and active camp! We’d love to help teach you how to overhand serve, pass, set, dig and hit! T-shirt included. Contact Coach Allix Baker at

7/8-7/11. $75.

Register for Thurston Colts Summer Youth Volleyball Camp


Thurston Volleyball Mini Skills Camp

Entering grades 9-12. Work on specific volleyball techniques in these focused camp sessions. T-shirt included. Contact Coach Allix Baker at

  • Setters: Work on specific setting techniques including footwork and hand position. Will focus on setting the most common tempo sets including outsides, opposites, middle quick attacks, and backrow attacks.
  • Hitters: Work on specific hitting techniques including approach footwork and arm swing. Will focus primarily on hitting outside and opposite attacks.
  • Blockers: Work on specific hitting techniques including approach footwork and arm swing for quick temp sets. Will focus primarily on hitting 1st and 2nd tempo attacks. Will also focus on blocking footwork and hand position. 
  • Defense: Work on specific defensive techniques and defense systems. 
  • Serve/Pass: Time will be split focusing on perfect passing technique and arm platforms as well as serving technique, and service zones. 

7/5-7/18. $35 per session.

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