Exercise Classes

Group Exercise and Water Fitness Classes

Willamalane’s group exercise program includes a variety of cardio, strength, flexibility, and water fitness classes. Before the start of your class, check in with the front desk. You can pay a drop-in fee or scan your membership card.

Classes run 45-55 minutes unless noted. Most classes are light to moderate intensity. Class formats have modifications to accommodate all fitness levels, so let your instructor know if you are new to a class or would like modifications. The equipment you need will be listed in the class description on the exercise schedule. Classes using chairs, barres, or water fitness equipment will provide these for class participants.



Refer to all class descriptions for equipment lists. Bring your mat, stability ball, and bands; dumbbells will be available.

  • Classes in Santiam are limited to 16 participants.
  • Due to a construction project that impacts the Ken Long room at Bob Keefer Center, some group exercise classes are now in different spaces. Please ask the front desk if you have any questions about room locations.
  • June 8, all classes held at Willamalane Adult Activity Center are canceled due to the Fitness Expo.
  • June 19, all classes are canceled due to Juneteenth Holiday.
  • June 11 and 13, Zumba will be on the multi-purpose courts #5 and #6.
  • June 17, 9:15 a.m. Strength & Stretch I is canceled.
  • June 21, Silver Fitness will be at 11:30 a.m.

Virtual Fitness Classes

Connect with select group exercise classes, instructors, and workout buddies while staying home! You can join online live classes with an ALL-ACCESS Membership or Virtual Fitness Pass. Members receive a monthly email with links to class meetings.

Virtual Fitness Pass pricing

  • $20 in-district, $25 out-of-district

Virtual Fitness Passes allow you to connect with group exercise classes, instructors, and workout buddies without leaving home! Get your pass by calling 541-736-4444. Pass renews automatically every month. If you want virtual and in-person options, try the All-Access Membership instead.

Free Outdoor Fitness Classes at Dorris Ranch

This summer, join drop-in outdoor fitness classes at Dorris Ranch and experience a revitalizing workout that will strengthen and center you. Classes include yoga, body sculpt, and group walking. All outdoor fitness classes are weather-dependent. Learn more.

  • Saturdays at Dorris Ranch
  • Free, drop-in classes. No registration required.


Free FitLot Classes

FitLot classes are free to the community. And, you can participate without a Willamalane membership. Registration is required for all classes, which are an hour long. Learn more.

  • Held at the FitLot
  • Classes are free
  • Registration is required for all classes


Class Descriptions


Active Exercise: Improve your strength, flexibility, and cardio fitness. This class includes standing and floor exercises. Equipment: Mat, dumbbells, bands, 9-inch ball. Instructor: Sasha on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Cindy virtual only on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Beginning Line Dance: Line dancing is a fun physical activity and social style that focuses on learning footwork-based choreography to your favorite songs. Focus will be fundamental footwork patterns for beginners with an emphasis on line dancing for those with little or no prior dance experience. Instructor: Lila.

Beyond Basics Line Dance: Learn a fun, aerobic social dance with challenging and dynamic choreography. Dance to a wide range of musical genres. Previous line dance experience suggested. Instructor: Lila, Annie, and Sandie.

Group Walking: Take a walk at your own pace with a group. Four-paw friendly! Pets are required to be on a leash at all times. Equipment: water bottle. Instructor: Stacy.

Intermediate/Advanced Line Dance: Step up to the challenge with this intermediate/advanced class. Learn tags, restarts, dances in contra, and phrased dances. Previous line dance experience suggested. Instructor: Lila.

HIIT & Tone II & III: Build cardiovascular fitness and improve endurance with this challenging full-body workout. HIIT & Tone II is moderate-intensity and HIIT & Tone III is high-intensity. Equipment: dumbbells, mat. Instructor: Hamza.

Zumba®: Get down, feel great! Let the music free your body. The ultimate dance-fitness party will groove you into shape. Instructor: Johanna.


Better Bones and Balance: Enjoy floor exercises and strength training in this class created by Oregon State University, using research on what helps prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis. This advanced class is the next level after Strong Bones Strong Body. It includes both standing and floor exercises. Equipment: Mat, dumbbells, bands, and a 9-inch ball. Instructor: Cindy.

Body Sculpt: Strengthen your core, tone your muscles, improve your balance, and stretch! Equipment: mat, dumbells. Instructor: Jamie on Mondays, Kelley on Wednesdays.

Circuit Training: Get a full-body workout in this circuit-style class using various equipment. Equipment: mat, dumbbells, etc. Instructor: Hamza

Core Yoga: Build awareness of and strengthen your core muscles. For students with previous yoga experience.  Equipment: mat. Instructor: Stephanie.

FitLot: Personal trainers will lead these group circuit training sessions that focus on strength, balance, cardio, and flexibility outside at the FitLot located near Les Schwab Sports Park and Bob Keefer Center. Instructors: Anna, Dave, Hamza, Laurel, and Sasha. *Classes are grant-funded by AARP and FitLot Outdoor Fitness Parks.FitLot classes are free to the community. Registration is required. Register for a series, intro, or drop-in class here.

Forever Fit:  Make daily activities easier with this low-impact aerobics, strength, and balance class. Standing and chair exercises. Equipment: dumbbells, bands, and a 9-inch ball. Instructor: Kathy.

FUNctional Fitness: This class is for anyone looking to move their body and feel good while having a great time! While providing modifications for any ability level, the focus will be on strength, flexibility, and cardio health. Equipment: dumbbells and mat or chat. Going down to the floor is optional. Instructor: Laurel.

Group Training: Personal trainers will lead these group circuit training sessions that focus on strength, balance, cardio, and flexibility outside at the FitLot located near Les Schwab Sports Park and Bob Keefer Center. Inclement weather plan: classes meet on multi-purpose court #5, and class will be held in the fitness center.  Instructors: Dave, Hamza, and Sasha.

Silver Fitness: Increase strength and range of movement and improve daily living with this fun class. Great for older adults or those with exercise limitations. Standing and chair exercises. Equipment: dumbbells, bands, 9-inch ball. Instructors: Sasha on Mondays, Anna on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Strength & Stretch I & II: Build strong bones and increase mobility, flexibility, balance, and core. Strength & Stretch I is a lower-intensity class with seated and standing exercises. Strength & Stretch II is a moderate-intensity class with standing and floor exercises. Equipment: mat, dumbbells, bands, and a 9-inch ball. Instructor: Shannon.

Strong Bones, Strong Body: Build bone strength, improve balance, and increase energy. Great for people diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteopenia. Standing and chair exercises. Equipment: dumbbells, bands, and a 9-inch ball. Instructor: Cindy.

Flexibility & Balance

8 Silken Brocade Qi Gong: An exercise based on Chinese Traditional Medicine balances mind, body, and energy through breath and movements. This is a 30-minute class; no prior experience is necessary. Instructor: Sandra.

Ashtanga Yoga: Enjoy dynamic, active yoga perfect for every fitness level. Connect your breath with your movements, grow stronger, and improve focus. Equipment: mat. Instructor: Josh.

Chair Yoga: Combine traditional Hatha Yoga chair postures with some supported standing poses for better breathing, stretching, and flexibility. Instructor: Kate on Mondays and Wednesdays, Ciara on Fridays.

Fitness Self-Practice: Enjoy a quiet space for individual and small group fitness self-practice. Equipment: Bring own and can use what is available in the Santiam room, no amplified sound. Instructor: None.

Gentle Yoga: Experience a relaxing yoga that feels good and includes stretching, strength, breathing, and mindfulness. Equipment: mat and towel or blanket. Instructor: Kate on Monday and Thursday. Anna on Wednesday, kaiut style.

Guided Meditation:  Deeply relax with a meditation practice where you will be guided through body sensing, breath work, and other techniques to restore and rejuvenate the body, mind, and heart. Equipment: mat or chair. Instructor: Ciara.

Hatha Yoga: Explore movement through mindfulness and the breath—stretch and strengthen, improve balance and flexibility. Equipment: mat. Instructor: Ciara on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m., Marilyn on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.

Kaiut Yoga: Meditative healing practice that utilizes gravity and long-held shapes to release adhesions in connective tissue and unwind chronic restrictions in the joints. Highly beneficial for all body types and experience levels. Equipment: mat. Instructor: Anna.

Mat Pilates:  Strengthen your core muscles and maintain a healthy posture. This class is a perfect beginner-friendly way to get comfortable doing Pilates. Equipment: mat and foam roller. Instructor: Lonnie.

Qi Gong for Balance: Qi Gong moves your Chi/Qi (vital energy) through your body to facilitate balance and healing. Instructor: Stephanie

Restorative Yoga:  Relax and reflect utilizing restorative postures to release tension and encourage a deeper sense of relaxation and stillness. Perfect for all levels of experience and stages of flexibility. Equipment: mat. Instructors: Ciara on Fridays, Sarah on Saturdays with essential oils.

Sound Bath Meditation: Experience a guided meditation to rest, restore, and relax. Participate in a deeply immersive sound bath meditation and sound therapy session using crystal singing bowls. Equipment: mat or chair. Instructor: Ciara

Strength in Movement: This class focuses on your range of motion, breathing, balance, posture, strengthening, flexibility, and mindfulness, all essential for mobility. Equipment: mat, foam roller. Instructors: Stephanie on Tuesdays and Fridays and Kate on Thursdays.

Tai Chi: Improve balance, reduce stress, and gain more flexibility. All levels of experience are welcome. Instructor: Dan

Tai Chi Advanced 24 Form: Join us for the advanced practice of the 24 Tai Chi Form. Previous Tai Chi experience suggested. Instructor: Sandra.

Vinyasa Yoga: Physical postures combined with breath. Strengthen, stretch, gain mobility, and feel good in your body. Everyone is welcome. Equipment: Mat. Instructor: Kristin.

Yoga Fusion:  Feel both invigorated and refreshed! Fast-paced Vinyasa-like yoga sequences, core exercises, restorative poses, and mindfulness.  All levels are welcome. Equipment: yoga mat.  Instructor: Marilyn

Water Fitness

Ai Chi: Enjoy a water movement and relaxation program in the shallow pool, using water in flowing yet powerful progressions. This exercise program creates the opportunity to improve range of motion, enhance balance, and increase mobility.

Aquatone: A moderately paced, shallow-water workout employing low-impact, water-specific exercises designed to build strength, flexibility progressively, and endurance.

Deep-water Exercise: A moderately paced, deep-water workout designed to help you learn to use the water’s resistance to increase muscle tone, cardiovascular endurance, and range of motion. Specially designed flotation equipment supports you during the class.

Exercise That Feels Good: A slower-paced, shallow-water workout that will enhance your daily life in an environment that is kind to your joints. You will improve strength, balance, flexibility, and energy.

HIIT: Build cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a cardio-intensive, full-body workout, yet gentle on the joints. Class is held in the deep pool.

HYDRO-FIT: This aerobic-paced, deep-water class will challenge you to increase cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and core conditioning. Specially designed fitness equipment enhances the water’s resistance, toning and strengthening your body.

Meet the Instructors 

Anna Jensen: Anna is a Certified Personal trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Therapeutic Yoga Coach, and Biofield Energy Therapist. After years of competing as an equestrian and collegiate track and field athlete, she’s now an avid rock climber who greatly enjoys helping people connect with their bodies, unleash their potential, and experience the joy of movement!

Annie Scheifley: Annie enjoys encouraging people to enhance life with art. She has spent 50 years dancing and training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, ballroom, salsa, swing, line dance, yoga, and stretching. Choreographing and teaching are her passions. Other hobbies include painting and photography. She was honored to exhibit in February 2023 at the Eugene Art Walk.  

Ciara Glines: Ciara is a certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and an iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher. She specializes in iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Chair Yoga. She aims to help people connect to their true nature through self-love and compassion within their mind, body, and heart.

Chelsea King: Chelsea has been dancing ever since she can remember. She's been teaching since she was a teenager and loves creating routines that even a beginner can enjoy! She believes that Everybody can (and should) dance when given the opportunity.

Cindy O'Brien: Cindy specializes in classes for people over 50. She aims to help people prevent and manage osteoporosis, osteopenia, and arthritis while building balance and strength in their backs, knees, and hips. Her goal is to add quality to your life without causing pain.

Dan Boleyn: Dan is a Tai Chi instructor who hopes to help older adults improve their health and mental health through Tai Chi. 

Hamza Nassoh: Hamza’s love for fitness started very young. In his teenage years, he ran the 100- and 200-meter dash for the Morocco National Running Team and won several national and international championships. He has over seven years of teaching cardio, strength, and cycle classes and working one-on-one with people to develop and follow their fitness goals. He is a certified personal trainer.

Jamie Velazquez: Jamie grew up with her mother's aerobics classes and never stopped dancing. She has been Zumba® certified since 2010 and has developed and taught dance fitness programs. In addition to instructing, Jamie supervises Willamalane's group exercise programs.

Janet Hollander: Janet is skilled in modern dance, creative movement, tai chi, judo, aikido, yoga, and music. Her signature program, Nia Technique, combines many of these disciplines. Janet also leads workshops and classes in Better Bones and Balance and chair-based fitness.

Johonna Gamble: Johonna has been teaching dance and general fitness classes for over 15 years. Advocating for continuing education, she expanded her repertoire to include a 200 Hour Hatha Yoga certification, a continuing AFFA Group Fitness Instructor certification, as well as licensing with Zumba. She encourages finding fun in any fitness activity.

Josh Kennett: Josh has been practicing tai chi for 15 years since he was introduced to it at the University of Oregon by Machiko. He has taught in many contexts and professional settings, including Northwest Youth Corps, Eugene Parks Department, 4j, Bethel, and Lincoln County School District, as an English Tutor in Eugene, and as an English Teacher in South Korea.

Kate Morgan: Kate is a massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, and Reiki Master who enjoys helping students to know themselves and their bodies better. Her Hatha and Chair Yoga classes incorporate meditation, breath, and reflection into mindful movement.

Kathy Bronson:  Kathy has 31 years of experience in the fitness industry, including land and water fitness. Kathy strives to improve the quality of life of everyone she connects with. She specializes in pre-surgery, post-rehab, Parkinson's and MS, massage therapy, and health coaching while incorporating mind/body techniques.

Kelley Pearce: Kelley has a degree in Exercise Science and certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine as an Exercise Physiologist and the American Council on Exercise for Group Fitness.  She teaches various classes, from conditioning to yoga; no activity is off-limits. She has been in the fitness industry for 28 years, and good health is her passion! 

Kristin Yarris: Kristin has taught group fitness classes for over 15 years, including time spent as a Schwinn-certified cycle instructor, a Yoga Alliance registered instructor, and a YogaFit-trained instructor. Kristin loves sharing the benefits of yoga and other physical activity with her students.

Laurel Fooks: Laurel is a certified personal trainer passionate about functional, accessible fitness that improves her students' quality of life. She is licensed to teach Barre Fitness and specializes in modified movement classes for adults over 40.

Lila Reid: Lila teaches a variety of dance styles and has an extensive dance background. She is passionate about movement, music, and dancing with a community. Lila teaches Line Dance for group exercise and two-step and waltz for wellness workshops.

Lonnie Kasow: Lonnie is a certified Pilates instructor and has been teaching Pilates on the mat and on studio equipment for 11 years. She loves to help people become stronger in the core, more elongated and aligned, and more fluid in the spine. She believes that Pilates can be a wonderful element in a person's exercise and well-being repertoire.

Marilyn Miks: Marilyn found yoga later in life and began practicing in her late 40s. She became certified as a yoga instructor at age 57 and especially enjoys encouraging new yoga practitioners to listen to their bodies and discover the benefits of yoga.

Megan Kain: Megan is a certified yoga instructor and life coach. She enjoys personal wellness and investing in your body, mind, and spirit. She teaches Vinyasa Yoga.

Michie Kawada: In her Silver Sneakers classes, Michie creates movement experiences that are meaningful and memorable. Her classes are designed to help people move better and function more efficiently in their workouts and their daily lives.

Sandra Wu: After 25 years of practice and teaching Tai Chi Ch’uan, most recently with locals Lin Lin Choy and Erica Anderson, Sandra emphasizes the Yang 24 form. This form is accessible to all ages and all levels of fitness. Her teaching style incorporates a layered approach, beginning with easy-to-learn movements and delving into the depths, applications, and nuances of Tai Chi in the advanced class. Sandra describes her classes as serious AND enjoyable!

Sasha Woodward: Sasha is a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, and health coach. As Willamalane's fitness coordinator, she substitutes in various classes and leads the FitLot class series. She works to create a positive, supportive group exercise community.

Sarah Stark: Sarah developed a deep respect and passion for Yoga after practicing it while attending college at the University of Oregon. Sarah fell in love with Yoga for its ability to heal the body and calm the mind. After graduating from U of O in Psychology, Sarah studied Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore, India. For the past five years, Sarah has taught Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga for rehabilitation and continues to work as a mental health counselor. Sarah was born and raised in Oregon, where rock climbing, live music, and sunsets bring her joy. Sarah is a 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance, QMHA I, and CPR Certified.

Shannon Wickersham: Shannon has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She is group fitness certified and likes to teach strength, mobility, and flexibility. She loves to help people feel stronger and more confident.

Stacy Cook: Stacy is passionate about getting people moving! She has been teaching various formats of groupexercise over the last 18 years. She has a unique way of instilling motivation and energy into all of her participants. Stacy is a lover of the outdoors and loves her job of being a teacher. She has had experience as a personal trainer as well as a youth sports coach.

Stephanie Turnbull: Stephanie uses her background in biology and health care to inform her fusion yoga programs. She focuses on Integrative Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga, and Yogalates to strengthen and stabilize participants’ cores, backs, hips, and overall bodies. She embraces exercise for personal empowerment.

Thomas Fate: Thomas has been leading group workouts since his time at U of O, where he structured the workout programs for the triathlon team. He can teach various classes, from senior fit and cycling to HIIT classes. He is a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor and enjoys sharing his passion for fitness through his classes.

Trish Parker: Trish is passionate about dance and inspires her students. She brings different dance styles, the joy of movement, and a sense of fun to her dance fitness classes.