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Request a Donation

Request a Donation

Willamalane is happy to support local community-based organizations that align with its mission to “Deliver exceptional parks and recreation to enrich the lives of everyone we serve” through this donation program. 


Donations are available to registered nonprofit, not-for-profit, civic, or educational organizations that comply with local tax laws. Eligible organizations must be located within or provide services within 25 miles of Willamalane’s district boundaries. In accordance with Willamalane’s policy regarding Solicitations for Donations by Other Organizations or Individuals. Organizations must support at least one of the following values:

  • Access to recreation and sports Willamalane values partnerships to create access to recreation and sports for children, families, adults, and older adults, especially within underserved populations.
  • Education Willamalane supports programs that improve education for children and adults.
  • Support for Children Willamalane values partners who help children grow, develop, learn, and find their place in the world.
  • Health and Wellness Willamalane supports partners working to address hunger, improve nutrition, strengthen health, and create wellness awareness, access, and support.
  • Environmental Stewardship Willamalane supports partnerships with organizations that strive to protect nature and support sustainability.
  • A Thriving Springfield Willamalane supports partnerships that benefit the greater good of our local community. 

Donation Options 

Willamalane offers two versatile donation options to suit an organization's needs. Eligible organizations can receive one donation per year. Review, approval, and processing of donation requests may take up to 30 days from the date submitted to the date received, so organizations should plan requests accordingly.

All-Access Family Membership (one month)

Provides one full month of access to activities at Willamalane’s five main facilities, including waterpark swims, drop-in fitness centers, and a daily complimentary round of golf at Camp Putt. Certain restrictions may apply contingent on monthly demand, availability, or facility hours.  Learn more about All-Access Memberships.

Willamalane Day Pass

This pass allows entry for the following: 


Service-oriented organizations may apply for additional donations in support of their services (including shower vouchers) by contacting Willamalane's Recreation Services Director, Jase Newton, at