Activities at Willamalane Center in May of 2016. (Photo by Chris Pietsch)

Nurturing Environments Give Your Nestlings the Building Blocks of Education

Research says that children who attend preschool do better in their academic careers. Willamalane preschools serve kids from ages 3-5, both part-time and full-time. With five options to choose from, we’re sure that there’s a Willamalane preschool that’s right for your child.

Register now online, or by appointment at Bob Keefer Center. Proof of age and current immunization records required.

Please note that registration for Preschool programs may be difficult on a mobile device. Please try our desktop site for an easier experience.

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Registration Information

All children must be toilet trained prior to entering the program.

Register in advance online. Please note you will be charged a $30 registration fee for each child, a portion of which goes toward classroom materials. Please bring a birth certificate and current immunization records for each child.

Payments for each month are due by the first of the month. Fees must be paid in full in order for a child to participate. Please see the Parent Handbook for more information.

Scheduled Payments
Register your child for the entire school year. Your credit or debit card will be charged each month, beginning the second month after initial registration. A two-week notice is required to withdraw.

Discounts Available
• Sibling discount: 20 percent for children registered in the same program. Discount does not apply to siblings in separate programs.

Monitored Access:

The Early Childhood wing uses a door monitoring system, allowing entry by key code. Each new family must request a door code from the front desk prior to the start of the program. Please contact the program supervisor at 541-736-4509. Each family is responsible for maintaining their code and granting permission only to authorized parties.

Full-day Preschools

Little Learners

Bob Keefer Center

Ages 3-5. Kids learn through play in a structured, nurturing environment. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate preschoolers and their independence in cooperation and social interaction. The ratio of staff members to children is 1-to-10.

7am-6pm Monday-Friday
Fees in-district . . . $750/mo. or $45/day*
Annual registration fee. . . $30

Register (Monthly)

Daily rate available.  Choose your schedule based on your needs. Must register 24 hours before service day begins. Parents must have a parent orientation prior to beginning the program. Please call 541-736-4509 for details.

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Part-time Preschools

Friendly Finches

Bob Keefer Center

Ages 3-5. A nurturing introduction to preschool. Children enjoy story time, early literacy programs, art, creative movement and imaginative play. The ratio of staff members to children is 1-to-10.

Ages 3-5     8:15-10:45am            M-Th      $210/mo.

Annual registration fee. . . $30

Fees for June are prorated.

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Ready Robins

Bob Keefer Center

Age 4. This class meets the growing needs of students who are ready for more time in class, focusing on the skills necessary for success in kindergarten. Children expand reading, writing, science and math concepts. Children also enjoy art, creative movement and imaginative play. The ratio of staff members to children is 1-to-10.

Ages 4-5    11:30am-3:15pm    M-Th           $310/mo.

Annual registration fee. . . $30

Fees for June are prorated.

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Jumping Jays

Located at Brattain Elementary School, 425 10th St. Classroom #6

Ages 3-5. Willamalane and Early Childhood CARES jointly offer this inclusive learning environment. Skilled teachers prepare children for greater success in kindergarten by focusing on academic components as well as teaching critical social-emotional skills. Education consultants provide regular support. The ratio of staff members to children is 1-to-8. Program follows the Early Childhood CARES service schedule.

Ages 3-5     9am-11:30am           M-Th         $180/mo.

Annual registration fee. . . $30

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Cheery Chickadees

Age 3-5 by Sept. 1. Early Childhood CARES is looking for 3-5 year old peer models for an inclusive preschool program. The program provides positive learning experiences appropriate to the individual developmental needs of each child.

This unique program is filled with opportunities to:

  • Develop social connections within a safe community.
  • Develop self-confidence and increase independence.
  • Experience fun, engaging activities and events.

Days: Monday-Thursday. Program follows the Early Childhood CARES service schedule.
Time: 1:15-4:15pm
Location: Brattain Early Learning Center
Fees: $25 one-time registration fee; $125 per month tuition

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