Willamalane staff member cuts fallen branches at Meadow Park

Willamalane Urges Community Safety During Park Cleanup Work

All parks, natural areas, and trails were closed

In the aftermath of the recent ice storm, Willamalane Park and Recreation District is addressing significant damage at parks, paths, trails, natural areas, and parking lots. This work will focus on essential tasks of clearing access routes, addressing property damage, and removing hazards such as hanging or leaning trees and branches. Willamalane is emphasizing the importance of staying out of parks, trails, and natural areas during ongoing cleanup efforts. 

"To prioritize the safety of our community members and allow our dedicated crews to conduct the crucial and potentially hazardous cleanup work, we strongly advise everyone to stay out of parks, trails, and natural areas,” said Eric Adams, Willamalane Planning, Parks, and Facilities Director. “Your cooperation is essential in ensuring safety for our community and hardworking teams."  

Willamalane will focus on clearing essential access routes, addressing property damage, and removing any hazards, including hanging or leaning trees and branches. Dedicated teams are working seven days a week, using heavy machinery like wood chippers and chainsaws. 

Volunteer Support

Volunteer efforts will be crucial to park clean-up work. The Northwest Youth Corps adult crew has already been assisting with efforts at Island Park. For those interested in joining a volunteer event, please sign up as a Willamalane volunteer at willamalane.org/volunteer

Willamalane is grateful for the community's understanding and cooperation during this critical phase of cleanup and restoration. These efforts are crucial to ensuring community well-being and creating a safe environment within parks.

Updates Available

As parks and facilities reopen and cleanup work concludes, updates and a status map will be available at willamalane.org/alerts