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TRBO Holiday Hoop Camp

Ages 8-18. Amp up winter break with two weeks of skills and drills in 12 fun-filled sessions featuring prizes and games. Special prizes will be awarded for those who register for multiple sessions; the more you register, the more you win! Classes cover ball handling plus the following skills:

  • 12/26 morning: Shooting & competitive drills
  • 12/26 afternoon: Offensive attack moves and finishes
  • 12/27 morning: 1-on-1 moves and defense
  • 12/27 afternoon: Separation moves and scoring
  • 12/28 morning: Getting open, passing, screens
  • 12/28 afternoon: Shooting and competitive drills
  • 1/2 morning: 1-on-1 moves and defense
  • 1/2 afternoon: Attacks and finishes
  • 1/3 morning: Getting open, passing, screens
  • 1/3 afternoon: Separation moves and scoring
  • 1/4 morning: Getting open, passing, screens
  • 1/4 afternoon: Separation moves and scoring

Price is $35 in-district, $42 out-of-district for each session.

Morning sessions are 9am-noon. Afternoon sessions are 1-4pm.

Location: Bob Keefer Center
  Dates Days Time Price Class # Registration
  Dates Days Time Price Class # Registration
Calendar: + Calendar Dates: 12/26-1/4 Days: M-Th Time: 9am-4pm Price: $35 IDIn-district / $42 ODOut-of-district Class #: 20656 Online Registration: Register

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